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Bookme ReviewEscape Hunt - Escape Challenge for up to 5 PeoplePosted by Elana from Australia on 18 Apr 2019

  • Elana said... Went here recently with 4 other friends, our host was so helpful and sweet and didn’t hesitate to guide us during our escape when needed. The room itself at first was not initially what I pictured, but it exceeded my expectations. We chose the most advanced room and at first glance, we were slightly confused but that’s where you have to persist with it. It turns out amazing, trust me. When you progress through the room you realise how strategically the room has been set out and that there is much more to it than what meets the eye. If you’re looking for a teamwork-based, bonding experience, Escape Hunt is for you. For us, there was never any anger or disagreement. Everybody was willing to help out in order to speed along the process. I advise that before starting your experience, you lay down some ground rules and organise who will be the leader before you start (in my case, we decided before the game that it would be me). With this, the game flows beautifully and you advance through the room swiftly. From the room we chose, we can all agree that the video they play beforehand is magnificently set up and the room itself is extremely fitting of the scene and really makes you think outside of the box. I don’t believe their rooms are set up to be too difficult or too easy because although we are all teenagers and that was our first escape room, we chose the most advanced room and left with only one puzzle remaining (which we knew how to complete but didn’t because we saw no point as we had under a minute left). Their rooms work wonderfully for a variety of ages, in relation to their room difficulty. Our experience in general was amazing and we all felt closer and more bonded after the experience. We definitely plan to go back to Escape Hunt on our next break and try out their other advanced room.

    Reckon you’ve got the skills, team work and knowledge to solve a real life escape challenge in record time?

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