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Bookme ReviewRum Runner Cairns - 2 Day 1 Night Liveaboard Outer Great Barrier Reef Trip Posted by elig from China on 19 May 2023

  • elig said... I recently embarked on the Rum Runner Cairns - 2 Day 1 Night Liveaboard Outer Great Barrier Reef Trip, and I wanted to share my experience to help other travelers make informed decisions. Firstly, I must mention that the boat and activities were well organized. However, I would not recommend this trip for those prone to seasickness or Chinese guests. For individuals susceptible to seasickness, spending two days and one night at sea can be extremely challenging, especially if the weather is rough. It becomes difficult to appreciate the scenery when you are feeling unwell. Thankfully, once we reached the reef area and started diving, the nausea subsided. While seasickness and rough weather are objective conditions beyond anyone's control, it was the crew's attitude towards Chinese guests that made me uncomfortable. During dinner, one of the Japanese crew members mentioned, "He is Chinese; he also eats rice." Following that, a white crew member commented, "China, it is the source of many problems." Then, he proceeded to ask me about my views on the Chinese government and whether I liked Xi Jinping. Feeling unwell from seasickness and sensing the hostile tone, I simply replied, "I don't care." However, the crew member continued by asking, "So, what do you think about China planning to invade Taiwan?" I responded, "Taiwan is part of China, isn't it?" To which he said, "Oh, I understand your stance now." The captain nearby noticed the uncomfortable atmosphere and tried to diffuse it by saying, "But you don't live in China either, right?" It is true; I have been living in New Zealand since 2018. I wasn't well-versed in politics and government, nor did I have much interest. However, due to my physical discomfort from seasickness, I didn't have the energy or inclination to engage further. As a paying customer, I felt that such conversations and interrogations were unfriendly and unprofessional. Since then, I felt a lingering awkwardness, so I couldn't participate in the evening's presentation led by that crew member physically or mentally. Even later, when I had an uncomfortable eye contact moment with the crew member, he shook his head, implying that I shouldn't support a certain Chinese policy, despite it being an internationally recognized stance. Regardless of political differences, I believe expressing personal biases and judging guests based on differing opinions should not have occurred in that setting. As a result, I didn't feel welcomed as a Chinese guest, and I disliked seeing my fellow countrymen receive similar uncomfortable treatment. Therefore, if you are Chinese,I would recommend avoiding this trip to prevent any unpleasant experiences. Safe some troubles for both of you and them. I hope this review helps other travelers in their decision-making process.

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