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2 July to 10 July

Half Day Canyoning and Waterfall Tour - Behana Canyon or Crystal Canyon

Swim under waterfalls, traverse rocky gorges, explore rainforests, rock jump and MORE - a day out in the Canyons is nothing but adventure and fun!

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Abseiling Cairns

Premium Wildlife Day and Night Tour in the Rainforest - Small Group Tours - Cairns

Offering the best of both worlds, day time and night wildlife spotting tour visiting locations across the Atherton Tablelands. Spotlighting at the giant 500 year old Curtain Fig Tree and keep a close eye out for a variety of rare emdemic species within a small group

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Rainforest and Wildlife 4WD Eco Safari - Cairns

Take a journey offroad to exclusive restricted access areas of the rainforest. You are gauranteed small groups and no crowds on this multi award winning 4WD tour

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