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Lazy day full with adventures PJs Sailing & Snorkelling - Beachcomber Island Day Sail & Snorkel Ex Denarau

Lazy day full with adventures
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It was fantastic... we were expecting traveling 1h and a half in special ship, but as we were group of only 5 people they take us on small fast boat and we were on the beach in no time for about 30 minutes. Personally I enjoy the ride as never been in small boat for more than 5 minutes. Then we go for small turtle watching. People who doesn't use sun cream can touch an brush the little turtles. Next we do local based weaving...we saw demonstration on how to do the baskets in Naouri tour in the village, but here we was able to touch the coco-leafs and do two things..small fish and insect. Next we go for fish feeding. You can bring bread and fishes will go crazy around you. Next we have lunch and time for kayaking and time on the beach. I was doing 40 minutes walk around while island. In 3:30 we go back to the Denarau marina, an we asked driver to drop us in downtown and he happily do that. On the island was really only few people. Greetings to Filipe and our captain- Adi and Milen from Bulgaria


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